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Backend Engineer

About Ratio

Ratio is a new kind of financing and trading platform, which is reinventing the way that subscription businesses leverage capital to fuel growth, hiring and expansion. Ratio allows the core asset of any subscription company, their customer contracts, to be traded for upfront cash. For subscription companies this allows them to optimize their capital structure using Ratio without dilution or debt, while still utilizing other forms of capital to grow their business. We are disrupting venture financing and creating a new trillion dollar asset class for investors.

As a location agnostic team we are building a team of A+ players who are motivated by the desire to build exceptional products and culture. Ratio is currently financing SaaS companies out of a $500 Million facility with the backing of some largest asset managers and top tier VCs who were early investors in companies like DoorDash, AppLovin, Forge Global.

Ratio is founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, Ashish Srimal and Mason Blake, who have both founded and exited their past companies. Their backgrounds bring a wealth of knowledge and experience after having spent more than 20 years in Silicon Valley.

We are an early stage startup in stealth mode looking for founding team members to make a massive impact and contribute significantly to the foundations of our company.

The Role

As a Backend Engineer, you will work very closely with the CTO and our lead engineer to architect and mastermind the numerous systems that will power our business. From the very beginning, you’ll be making an impact with forward-thinking systems design, making sure that scalability, security, and precision are at the heart of our decision making process. 

Ratio’s platform is a service oriented architecture that utilizes Java APIs, Node.js web frameworks, and React frontend. Our business is full of complexities and precision matters tremendously. With a complex ecosystem already in place, infrastructure and DevOps also plays a big part of our day-to-day operations. Come join us in this highly impactful role!


  • Collaborate closely with the founders to solve problems and move quickly.
  • Research, collaborate, and evaluate different technologies and systems for use in our tech stack. 
  • Design repeatable and scalable infrastructure code to stand up servers and hardware in AWS.
  • Document design decisions and the rationale behind your choices.
  • Contribute significantly to the developer culture code - working with the CTO to design processes for our developer principles
  • Build and ship high-quality solutions for various systems and features. 
  • Adhere to high-quality delivery principles while delivering solutions on time


  • Strong background in Java or other object-oriented programming languages
  • Polyglot - you have learned many languages and the idea of learning a new one does not intimidate you
  • Strong experience designing, implementing and maintaining APIs for frontend web apps as well as service oriented architectures
  • Experience with relational DBs like PostgreSQL or mySQL. Bonus to have experience with other NoSQL DBs such as MongoDB
  • Clear understanding of React, though not required to actively develop in it day-to-day
  • Strong communicator with the ability to effectively convey your point both verbally and in writing
  • Proven track record of delivering results
  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 4+ years of industry experience as software engineer
  • An ability to work on fast paced, data-driven projects
  • Passion for working in a dynamic and collaborative environment

Equal Opportunity

Ratio is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity is integral to Ratio ’s success, and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, or any other basis protected by law.

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Remote in North America only
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