Flexible Payment Options to Close Faster

Get cash upfront, no matter what.

Innovate Your Quote-to-Cash Process

Quote-to-Cash process flow

Ratio’s platform gets embedded into your workflows and synchronized with your existing sales and finance systems.

Our unique design allows you to integrate with any part of your existing process to amplify your revenue, deliver a superior closing experience and access the contract value upfront.

Amplify Your Revenue with Ratio

Adaptive Purchasing Experiences illustrating how Customers have payment plan choices and can opt into longer terms with lower monthly payments

Adaptive Purchase Experience

Ratio’s Adaptive Purchase Experience intelligently adapts your closing workflow and prices by customer segment. Simply embed into your systems, creating a seamless purchasing experience while offering your customers flexible payment options that match your customer’s cash flow needs.

Longer Terms

Let customers self-select into longer terms with lower installments

Lower Discounts

Payment options instead of discounts

Close Faster

Less back and forth, fewer approvals, just embed Ratio

Renew Faster

Avoid costly re-negotiations. Embed renewals and add-ons

Five Steps to Grow & Close Faster

End the guesswork, optimize pricing!

1. Interactive Quote

  • Payment plan options such as monthly, quarterly, or deferred
  • Recurring and usage-based billing with lower discounts
  • Template or custom MSAs
Quote mockup with embedded Ratio payment options
Risk metrics indicators allowing pricing optimization for each customer segment

2. Pricing Optimization

Optimize pricing based on your customers:

  • Credit risk
  • Propensity to expand
  • Willingness to pay

3. Faster Close

  • Reduce negotiations by embedding a customized self-close process
  • Overcome approval cycles, departmental budget limitations, and cash flow challenges
  • Focus on the value of your offering – let Ratio remove the barriers around payment flexibility

4. Cash Advance

  • Get paid now even when your customers choose to pay later
  • Use that revenue now to invest strategically without any dilution or delay
  • Upfront capital at close - no dilution, no discounts

5. Automate Billing & Collections

  • Leave stressful and manual billing behind
  • No operational burden of customized payment schedules for different customer segments
  • Stop wasting time chasing your customers for manual payment
Invoice mockup with an 'Automate' button on it

Increase Your Serviceable Available Market (SAM)

  • Expand your market and customer base with flexible payments
  • Use payment flexibility to attract more buyers
  • Use pricing and payments as a strategic weapon
  • Create a competitive advantage for your product or service

Leave Stressful & Manual Billing Behind

Utilize Ratio’s automated billing and collections

Get started

Security & Privacy

  • All network traffic is encrypted using TLS v1.3 through RSA-2048
  • All data is encrypted at rest and physically segregated by tenancy
  • Ratio does not store any user credentials whatsoever
A shield and padlock protecting a set of papers and invoices behind it