Convert Annual and Multi-Year Contracts to Instant Cash

Ratio offers cash in exchange for long-term contracts to extend your runway.

Ratio vs. Venture Debt vs. Revenue Based Financing

Venture  debt and most revenue-based financing services offer financing are debt. Ratio is a True Sale, NOT debt and is a trade of specific contracts for cash.

No payments required until your customer pays you!

Add recurring revenue contracts to simulate how much cash you can receive from Ratio!

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Trust from Customers

“Ratio is helping us dramatically improve our enterprise value  by bringing forward our cash flows from the future.“

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David Keane, Founder & CEO @ Bigtincan

David Keane

Founder & CEO

No-Debt, No-Equity Growth Capital

No warrants, No dilution

No Debt on balance sheet,
No interest costs

Instant cash from selling future
purchase receipts for cash