Access to best-in-class software with payment terms that match your needs

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Flexible Payment Plans

Ratio puts you in control over the payment plan that best fits your situation. Choose monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or deferred payments.

Purchase Software That Meets Your Cash Flow Constraints

  • Reduce software procurement processes and approvals and stay within your budget
  • Prove it to your boss without requesting more budget
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Access to the Best-in-Class Software

Top-tier software is reserved for companies that can afford large pre-paid upfront contracts. Ratio’s flexible payment options allow you to level up with software that was previously out of reach.

Looking for new ways to grow your business?

Reach out to learn about how Ratio can fund your strategic initiatives.

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Bank Level Security

  • All network traffic is encrypted using TLS v1.3 through RSA-2048
  • All data is encrypted at rest and physically segregated by tenancy
  • Ratio does not store any user credentials whatsoever
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look through our frequently asked questions, compiled from discussions with thousands of investors all across the U.S. As always, we welcome any further questions you may have.

How does it work?
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The Ratio platform works with software buyers and sellers to offer ultimate payment flexibility when procuring software or paying invoices. The software vendor works with Ratio to give this choice of payment plan to buyers to meet their cash flow constraints while offer a cash advance to the seller. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Who do I pay?
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In most cases you will pay Ratio for the software, as we manage the billing and collections of customers who chose a payment plan powered by Ratio.

Where do I go for software support?
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If you have any issue with the software, need technical support, customer service questions or anything, please contact the software vendor. The only reason to contact Ratio is for payment related matters. Contact us here for support.

What happens if I don't pay?
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Failing to meet your payment obligations will result in loss of access to your software, late fee penalties, and sometimes a negative report on your business credit report.

Can I change my payment method?
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Please contact us if you wish to make any changes to your payment method.

Can I change my payment plan?
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No. Ratio does not currently offer an option to change your payment plan or the payment terms.

If you have questions not covered you can reach out specialist to discuss.