5 Compelling Reasons for B2B SaaS Firms to Opt for Revenue-Based Loans

BCC Research reveals a striking growth in the Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) market: from $2.3 billion in 2022 to an anticipated $154 billion by 2030. This surge is hardly surprising, considering how revenue-based loans are revolutionizing the way businesses finance their expansion. These loans present a groundbreaking approach: repayment terms are linked to a business's recurring revenue.

Ratio Team
December 7, 2023

The Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Acquiring Non-Dilutive Funding

Fundraising stands as a pivotal element in company development, impacting growth, profitability, expansion, sustainability, financial autonomy, and mentorship. At the crossroads of these factors, two fundraising choices emerge: non-dilutive and dilutive funding. Equity financing, while attractive, comes with its set of complexities. Non-dilutive funding offers a potential solution for those seeking to sidestep its intricacies. This article delves into non-dilutive funding options, their pros and cons, and strategies for securing it for businesses.

Ratio Team
December 7, 2023

5 Ways B2B SaaS Can Accelerate ARR Growth

Gartner predicts a whopping $232 billion in global SaaS spending by 2024. Yet, only some SaaS firms consistently hit growth rates above 30-40%. How do they do this? It’s due to the 'Rule of 40'. This rule demonstrates that a SaaS firm's revenue growth and free cash flow margin, when combined, should at least be 40%. So, a company growing at 30% should show a 10% free cash flow margin.

Ratio Team
November 8, 2023

Pros and Cons of Venture Capital: Is it Right for Your Startup?

Venture Capital (V.C.) in the U.S. continues to surge in 2023, with projections nearing $70 billion. This presents a prime opportunity for early-stage ventures aiming to scale and thrive.However, the landscape is fraught with challenges. Less than 1% of small U.S. businesses manage to secure V.C. backing, and 25% are still looking for additional funds. For entrepreneurs, it's a path of both opportunities and obstacles.

Ratio Team
September 20, 2023

Top Alternative to VC Funding for Entrepreneurs - TBF

In the fast-paced startup finance arena, Venture Capital has traditionally reigned supreme—but not without strings like equity dilution and loss of control. In a telling shift, VC funding plummeted to $76 billion in Q1 2023, down 53%.

Ratio Team
September 1, 2023

Why CEOs Need to Get Strategic About Fundraising

The tech sector has been facing some choppy water in recent months. Global VC investment plummeted putting even the sturdiest software startups under huge financial strain. Which companies withstand that pressure and survive the funding drought will depend almost entirely on strategic decisions made at an executive level.

Carlos Chou
June 13, 2023

Diversify Your Capital Stack to Drive Lasting Growth

Many SaaS founders and CEOs focus more on driving rapid growth than they do on their long-term prospects — because after all, they assume, if you’re growing fast enough then the capital will keep flowing in and you’ll soon find your way to a strong exit. Growth is the key to success.

Ashish Srimal
August 22, 2022