Comparing B2B BNPL Providers: What to Look for and Why It Matters

As e-commerce flourishes, B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) isn't just trending; it's transforming how major merchants operate. 

A 2022 McKinsey report noted that a solid 65% of B2B companies are now all-in on online sales. Taking cues from the B2C world, the surge in B2B BNPL services is evident.

Considering that 90% of buyers expect B2C-like shopping experiences on B2B websites, choosing the right ally for enabling BNPL is crucial. 

But what differentiates one BNPL solution from another, and why should your business care? 

This article will dive deep into the leading B2B BNPL providers, exploring their inner workings, standout benefits, and ease of integration. Dive in with us.

What to Look For in a B2B BNPL Provider

When evaluating B2B BNPL providers, businesses should consider not only the cost and payment terms but also the integration capabilities, customer service quality, and the financial stability of the provider to ensure a scalable and seamless payment experience.

  1. Target Market Understanding: Sellers should seek a BNPL provider experienced in serving in their business domain. 
  2. Integration Capability: Nobody likes tech hiccups. Ensure the provider's platform seamlessly meshes with the seller's existing infrastructure, whether CRMs, ERPs, or e-commerce platforms.
  3. Flexible Payment Terms: Business buyers enjoy easy checkouts and flexible payment options. Evaluate the benefits for vendors and customers, such as equity preservation, controlled cash flow through split payments, and shared financing advantages in long partnerships. 
  4. Fast & Transparent Approval Process: Speedy approvals, sometimes in just 48 hours, enable businesses to tap into capital swiftly and keep the momentum going. Furthermore, transparency is non-negotiable. Opt for a provider with unambiguous fee structures, ensuring the seller is well-prepared for the financial road ahead, especially pivotal for startups.
  5. Risk Assessment & Management: Check if the provider offers comprehensive risk assessment and management strategies. BNPL does have risks. So, businesses would want a partner with a solid strategy to assess and manage potential credit risks, ensuring the seller's interests are always protected.
  6. Reputation & Reliability: Businesses need to look into real-world feedback. Research customer reviews and gather insights into the BNPL providers. Authentic testimonials and industry rankings reveal the genuine caliber of a potential partner.

In-Depth Review of Top 5 B2B BNPL Providers

In the diverse BNPL arena, providers cater to specific niches. 

Ratio Boost

Ratio Boost's BNPL offers a tailored financing solution for SaaS and tech companies at the point of sale. It allows businesses to immediately tap into growth capital by securing the contract's full value upfront.

By leveraging this, companies can access up to 30% of their Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), enabling growth without incurring debt or giving away equity. Its payment flexibility sets Boost's BNPL apart from the rest.  

Must explore: The 5 ways B2B SaaS can accelerate ARR growth

Businesses can customize offers for each transaction, meeting their capital requirements and granting customers flexible payment choices. This minimizes potential lost deals due to customers’ fleeting budget constraints and empowers business buyers. 

      Source: Ratio Boost

How Does it Work

Ratio Boost's BNPL stands out, specifically tailored for business buyers.

It empowers sellers to redirect financing costs to buyers, delivering mutual benefits with 0% vendor financing.

With Boost, businesses can seamlessly embed the service into vendor’s sales workflows through their website, CRM, or CPQ. This integration optimizes renewals, boosts closure rates, and decreases churn.

Boost's financing comes with three payment options:

1. Seller Pays: Sellers absorb the financing costs to keep customers happy.

2. Buyer Pays: Ratio takes on the balance sheet risks, ensuring customer payment flexibility.

3. Split by Mutual Agreement: Sellers and buyers share the cost. This flexible fee structure suits each seller's unique financial landscape.

The financing costs depend on contract specifics, risks associated with the seller and buyer, and repayment timelines. 

To get a closer look at how Boost works, schedule a demo today.

Benefits of Using Ratio Boost

Backed by a potent $400M credit reserve, Boost offers notable benefits to customers:

  • Speed Up Deal Closures - Ratio Boost's flexible payment options slash negotiation times and wrap up deals swiftly.
  • Boost Conversion Rates - By sideling upfront payments. Boost mitigates deal delays or fall-throughs due to temporary customer budgetary hitches. 
  • Complete Ownership - Sidestep equity dilution and keep the reins firmly in your hands.
  • Slash discounts offered - No need to provide discounts. Instead, captivate customers with mutually beneficial flexible payment terms. 
  • Reduce Financial Risk - Let Boost shoulder the risk. By shifting it off your balance sheet, you can enhance working capital and strengthen financial footing.


Ratio effortlessly integrates with your systems for swift approval and onboarding, supporting:

  • Accounting: FreshBooks, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop, KashFlow, ORACLE NETSUITE, Xero, Sage Business Cloud, Sage 50cloud, Clear Books, FreeAgent
  • Payment Gateways: Recurly, Stripe, Chargebee, Chargify
  • Banking: Plaid


Hokodo offers a B2B BNPL platform that allows businesses to avoid the lengthy trade credit process, resulting in a smooth order-to-cash cycle. With independent decision-making, Hokodo speeds up buyer approvals without involving third parties. 

The platform mirrors a B2C checkout, allowing businesses to delay payments. This offers buyers flexibility while ensuring you get paid upfront, easing financial strains.

Source: Hokodo

How Does it Work?

Hokodo's B2B BNPL solution enhances the buyer's checkout experience on your platform while safeguarding you from potential pitfalls.

  1. Buyers navigate your site, placing orders or bookings with ease. No separate Hokodo account is needed to tap into BNPL.
  2. Hokodo's agile APIs swiftly assess buyers for credit and fraud, using only essential business details.
  3. Before finalizing orders, buyers receive customized credit limits and diverse payment options from 14, 30, 45, 60, 90 days, or at the end of the month.
  4. Buyers decide on their Hokodo payment strategy, picking the method that suits them best.
  5. As the seller, you can choose to receive funds post-service, on a specified date, or upon buyer payment completion.
  6. Hokodo manages risk and collections. Backed by Lloyd’s of London, Hokodo protects you against credit and fraud. If a buyer falls short, Hokodo handles the resolution.

Benefits of Using Hokodo:

  • Enhanced Business Growth: Buyers get instant credit on first purchases with advanced underwriting.
  • Expand Digitally & Globally: Hokodo's integrated BNPL solution simplifies expansion by eliminating the need to integrate multiple providers, whether going digital or branching Europe.
  • Boost Cash Flow & Efficiency: Get paid upfront and grow your business with robust fraud protection and streamlined collections.


Integrate Hokodo's BNPL solutions seamlessly at checkout through:

Direct API Integration: Utilize Hokodo's REST API endpoints and SDK with full support and documentation for custom CMS integration.

E-commerce App & Plugins:  Elevate B2B sales on Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and Sparklayer using a simple plugin and API key.


Mondu offers seamless BNPL solutions for B2B merchants, allowing customers to pay by bank transfer, SEPA debit, or installments. The platform provides merchants with instant payments, minimizes default risks, and a hassle-free collection process.

Source: Mondu

How Does it Work?

Mondu’s BNPL solution is highly customizable and integrates smoothly with any custom or platform-based webshop. The system supports multiple languages and payment methods. Its APIs are designed for effortless integration, seamlessly linking with your tech stack.

SMBs can effortlessly incorporate their widgets into webshop checkouts, guaranteeing a smooth integration experience.

Benefits of Using Mondu

  • Boost Conversions:  Offers flexible payment process with real-time credit checks and over 91% approval rates.
  • Enhance Working Capital: Boost cash flow with immediate risk-free payments, letting customers pay when it suits them.
  • Streamline Operations: Automate tasks and monitor payments effortlessly with collection support and a unified dashboard.


Mondu offers a smooth integration for any webshop, supporting multiple languages and diverse payment methods.

  • API: Integrate user-friendly APIs effortlessly with any existing tech setup.
  • E-commerce Plugins:  Embed widgets smoothly into online store checkout for a seamless user experience, compatible with leading platforms like Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopware, JTL Software, and many more.


Biller streamlines online business sales, offering a seamless B2B BNPL platform that bolsters e-commerce growth. Business buyers enjoy easy checkouts and flexible payment options, while sellers receive full payment within seven days, irrespective of the buyer's payment timing. 

Biller's advanced AI conducts rapid credit checks, ensuring risk-free transactions for sellers.

Source: Biller

How Does it Work

Biller Selection: Business buyers select Biller as their preferred payment method at checkout.

Payment Term Flexibility: Buyers can choose from 30, 60, or 90-day terms. It also offers to extend 30-day terms to 90 days for added flexibility.

Quick Identification: Buyers quickly enter essential company details such as business name, address, and registration number and confirm accuracy.

Rapid Verification: Biller’s AI assesses the company's creditworthiness and fraud risk in moments.

Purchase Confirmation: After approval, the purchase is confirmed, and you will be notified promptly.

Benefits of Using Biller

  • Get Paid Promptly: Receive payment in just seven days after purchase, regardless of the buyer's chosen terms.

  • Boost Your Sales: Offers streamlined checkout reminiscent of B2C experiences,  with quick credit checks and flexible payment options tailored for businesses.

  • Zero Credit Risk: Biller's AI assesses creditworthiness quickly using machine learning, ensuring you are protected against late and unpaid invoices.

  • Effortless Administration: Eliminate the hassle of customer onboarding, manual credit evaluations, and invoice follow-ups, allowing your business to prioritize growth.

  • Broaden Buyer Base: Biller’s AI-fueled credit checks cater to all, from corporates to startups and solo entrepreneurs.


Mondu offers a smooth integration for any webshop, supporting multiple languages and diverse payment methods.

  • API: Seamlessly integrate Biller's payment solutions into your platform via user-friendly APIs.
  • E-commerce platforms: Biller smoothly integrates with leading e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopware, and Lightspeed for a hassle-free experience.


For businesses seeking a seamless BNPL solution, TreviPay shines with rapid onboarding and unmatched approval rates in the industry.

TreviPay offers flexible net terms ranging from 30 to 90 days, making it easy for businesses to manage their cash flow. Additionally, the buyer portal is user-friendly and simplifies the process of adjusting credit limits.

Source: TreviPay

How Does it Work?

  • Seamlessly integrate customers using TreviPay's automated workflows and advanced Risk Management System.

  • Benefit from a streamlined, adaptable application process tailored to specific countries.

  • Get swift decisions in under 30 seconds, bolstered by real-time fraud detection.

  • Ensures cross-border regulatory compliance for your clients, all set on autopilot.

Benefits of Using TreviPay

  • Enhance Balance Sheet: With TreviPay shouldering all buyer credit risks, keep debts off your balance sheet.

  • Empower Your Buyers: Offers flexible trade credit lines tailored to buyer needs, with terms ranging from 30 to 90 days. Customize terms based on each buyer's unique requirements.

  • Speed Up the Sale Process: Provides hassle-free applications, instant credit decisions, and a smooth onboarding experience.

  • Elevate Cash Flow & Slash DSO: TreviPay’s flexible settlement options allow you to reinvest in your business, maximizing its potential growth.


TreviPay offers seamless integrations with partners, enhancing compatibility with existing systems.

  • Payment Integrations: Worldpay from FIS, Digital River, EComchain, FundTap, UATP
  • ERP & Accounting Integrations: Codat, NetSuite, SAP Ariba, Cetaris, CommerceHub, Coupa, Basware, Oracle JD Edwards, Sterling, Taulia, Trimble Transportation (TMW)
  • eCommerce Integrations: Spryker, Mirakl, Bold Commerce, Adobe Commerce (Magneto), BigCommerce, GenAlpha, eComchain, Salesforce
  • System Integrator/Consultants: Sterling, Zensar, Verisave

Ratio Boost: The BNPL Provider You Should Try

In the evolving B2B world, traditional invoicing strains small businesses, leading to cash-flow gaps and payment dilemmas. As digital commerce rises, BNPL solutions emerge as a crucial tool, providing fast buyer access and ensuring seller security.

Here’s where Ratio's Boost comes in. Beyond just another BNPL solution, Boost entices users with its dynamic features, integrating seamlessly into any sales process. Whether you're a seller, buyer, or both, Boost customizes financing to your needs. With Ratio managing the underwriting risks, you're in safe hands. Their intuitive platform ensures financing is just a click away.

Consider the success story of By tapping into Ratio, the AI-centric 3D modeling firm accessed a substantial $2 million in non-dilutive funds, accelerating their growth without sacrificing equity.

If you're eyeing expansion, Ratio Boost is the answer. Embrace the next wave of B2B finance. Register on the Ratio app today!

published on
April 10, 2024
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