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New Strategies on Pricing & Payment Flexibility

How to Survive the SaaS Funding Crunch

With many SaaS providers enjoying incredible growth during the pandemic, investors have been eager to support cloud businesses of all shapes and sizes. Now, though, the return to Earth is well and truly underway. 

Ashish Srimal
July 27, 2022

It’s Time to Rewrite the Rulebook for SaaS Businesses

It used to be that SaaS brands were seen as bulletproof — even if the broader market crashed, the theory went, SaaS vendors would be protected by their steady, predictable revenue streams, and investors would stay loyal.

Ashish Srimal
July 20, 2022

Why Cash is King for Today’s SaaS Vendors – How To Extend Your Runway

It’s a tough time to be in the software business. That’s partly because investors aren’t opening their wallets quite as readily as they used to. But things aren’t just hard because investors are feeling a bit jittery.

Carlos Chou
July 14, 2022

The Trouble With Usage-Based SaaS Pricing

Usage-based pricing systems are gaining in popularity, but they do pose some challenges. Learn how to overcome them.

Ashish Srimal
June 30, 2022

How to Eliminate Sticker Shock for Periodic, Consumption, or Metered SaaS Pricing

Usage-based SaaS pricing is all the rage — but while customers love the idea of only paying for the cloud services they actually consume, that can all too easily turn into sticker shock when customers get their first bill and realize they used more than they’d anticipated. That’s a real problem for SaaS companies.

Carlos Chou
June 21, 2022

For SaaS Vendors, Pricing and Payments Are the Keys to a Better Buyer Experience and Monetization

For SaaS businesses, buying experience is the next big differentiator. B2B buyers are increasingly turning to SaaS vendors that can provide dynamic pricing and payment plans. Read to learn more.

Ashish Srimal
June 15, 2022

What is Your B2B SaaS Solution Really Worth?

When you’re selling SaaS software, clearly it’s important to figure out what your product is really worth. One way to do that is to think about how much value you deliver, compare it to the competition, and set prices accordingly. That’s the way most vendors operate, and it has served the industry pretty well.

Ashish Srimal
May 23, 2022

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